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The songwriting of Bradon Thomas Dougherty reflects a wide array of experiences cultivated from personal and social awareness.  Examples of this have been made evident in both his solo writings as well as those written and released by his band; Dakota Mill. Dougherty’s songs hold the tone of a campfire by a camper van.  Stories told from many nights on the road highlighted by lyrics that are both introspective and socially aware. Pulling inspiration from the people and places seen along the way, he is able to channel his formative experiences into folk songs that resonate alongside those of his influences.  From Bob Dylan to Elliott Smith, Paul Simon to The Tallest Man On Earth, the power of a well-written song has been seen for generations and will be forgotten by none.


To date, Dougherty has released a total of 3 EPs and a full-length record with Dakota Mill.  The debut full-length record "Earthlicker" was written and produced by Dougherty and longtime songwriting collaborator Joey den Butter and released in May of 2023.  Together their recordings have amassed over 250,000 streams and have been included into some of Spotify's top indie playlists. 

While touring and travelling across Canada, Bradon Thomas Dougherty has shared stages with the likes of Bella White, Jon Bryant, Wintersleep, Reuben And The Dark, and many more.

As we near the end of 2023, Dougherty is gearing up for the release of his debut solo record "Brother & Son".  The record was recorded in his home studio in Waubaushene, Ontario and is set to be released in early 2024.    On top of his solo record "Brother & Son" Dougherty has written three additional records. These include new collaborations with Joey den Butter in the form of another Dakota Mill full-length and a stripped down folk EP as well as another solo country-folk record entitled "Echoes of Water Valley".   

While prolifically writing and recording, Bradon Thomas Dougherty will continue to tour in order to hone his live performances and gain the experience necessary to create compositions that have substance and depth.  As evident in his lyrics, Dougherty puts great emphasis on writing songs that are thought-provoking to human and natural challenges. As society and life evolves so do the writings of Bradon Thomas Dougherty. Through thoughtful lyricism, memorable melodies, and a dedication to self improvement, there is no limit to how far his songs will stretch.

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